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I'm a self-taught Web Developer from Ontario,Canada. I enjoy developing exciting and user interactive Web projects. Have a question or want to work together? Kindly contact me.


What I can do for you

Web Design

Build attractive and responsive websites compatible with different screen sizes.

Front End Development

Develop interactive and dynamic client-side websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript and ReactJS

Back End Development

Powerup front-end websites by creating RESTful CRUD API with NodeJS and MongoDB


View some of my recent work


A full-stack application where employers can host interviews and career fairs with real time video and voice engagement. The application also allows employers to post jobs, and job seekers to apply to and bookmark them.

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interview scheduler Project

Interview Scheduler

Interview Scheduler is made by using React library. Users can book appointments by selecting a day and available interviewers.

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Book Share

Using this app, users can search for books and add or remove them from their collection.Users can search other users who have a particular book, at a particular distance from thier locations.

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BookShare Project
calculator project
ReactJS Project


This Calculator, build on react js, do simple calcuation operations.

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25:5 CLOCK

By using Pomodoro clock, users can set session and break time for their productivity. React-spring is used for the animation of play and reset buttons.

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Pomodoro clock
contact-keeper project
MERN Stack Application


User can save his/her personal or proffesional contacts in this app. Authorized user can update and delete the contact detail of the saved contact. ReactJs is used for the FrontEnd developent and Redux is used for the state-management. ExpressJs and mongoose are used for the BackEnd Development.DataBase is created using MongoDB.

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Burger Builder

Simple Burger Builder Project Where user can order favourite burger. ReactRouter is used for different routing. For authorization and authentication , JWT and bcrypt is used.

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BurgerBuilder Project


User can generate a random quote and post it on his/her Twitter account from the project.

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GitHub User Finder

Simple App where you can search github users. Used ReactJS with GitHub Api to build this project. You can find more about user like number of follwers, recent github repos and user is hirable or not.

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GitHub User Finder


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